There is no such thing as too much gaming. Nuke-Con hosts Aftershock Game Days periodically throughout the year to help fill in the time between our annual weekend conventions. We keep the Aftershocks simple: 10 am  to 10 pm, tables for games, snacks for energy, and maybe a vendor or two to satisfy the urge for retail therapy.

Aftershocks are low-key game days that work as a great way to introduce your friends and family to game conventions. We’ll publish a list of events on the Fallout Shelter, but no pre-registration is required and you sign up for games when you get there.

(Psssst!  If you happen to be looking for a way to support Nuke-Con, volunteering at an Aftershock is a great way to get started.)

Watch this space for our next event, projected (but not yet confirmed) in January 2020.

Need some entertainment on a lazy Saturday?  Get thee to an Aftershock!